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These trailers represent the best solution for exploitation of the spaces in the ship yards and in the marinas, since they allow accurate positioning of boats in contact among them, that is impossible when using travel-lifts and very difficult and dangerous with the traditional truck-cranes. The working principle is extremely easy : the trailer, realized in a special "U" shape in low position, goes under the boat and, after contacting the hull with the lifting supports, lifts itself and consequently the boat, that will be put down again in the desired point using the same system, WITH NO NEED OF TRUCK-CRANE. All trailers are realized in conformity with the Machinery Directive 89/392 CEE, are supplied with two independent driving systems : the first fixed with on-board control panel and the second with radio control
that enables control of all manoeuvres, allowing single operator boats handling with no need of any other personnel and in full safety. All trailers are equipped with an independent steering system front/rear and are able to steer in transverse mode, allowing an optimum space exploitation also inside sheds.